Advanced Softmaterials Inc. was established based on the basic umbrella patent of the Slide-Ring Material, the first-ever material with movable crosslinks.Our aim is to further develop this highly-advanced and environmentally-sound material to apply it to a wide range of raw materials and products. With this revolutionary material, we hope to encourage rapid advancement in various fields including medicine, cosmetics and health, thereby contributing to the progress of humanity in the 21st century.

Company Name Advanced Softmaterials Inc.
Location Tokatsu Techno plaza 403
5-4-6 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba,
277-0882, Japan
TEL : +81-4-7133-6151
FAX : +81-4-7133-6145
Founded March 1st, 2005
Capital 331 million yen
Board Members President & CEO Yumiki Noda
Director  Masanobu Takaoka
Director  Yoshitaka Tomiyama
Director  Mikihiko Tsubouchi
Director  Tomotaka Goji
Director  Yuki Nishida
Auditor   Yasuhiro Nagumo
Employees 15