Application Examples of Slide-Ring Material

Sandblast abrasive media

“Serius Z” utilizing SeRM elastomer has been commercialized as a sandblast abrasive media, an outcome of joint product development with Fuji Manufacturing, Japan. As abrasive media, SeRM elastomer deforms to flattened shape upon impact to targets, polishing along the surface. Approximately sixfold increase of the abrasive efficiency and excellent mirrored surface are readily obtained.


Coating for adjusting vibration properties

SeRM containing coating is applied to the surface of a high resolution full-range speaker’s cone to achieved good acoustic quality at high frequency ranges. While maintaining the elastic modulus, the internal loss (tan d) at high frequency ranges is increased when SeRM coating is applied. This functional paint is adopted as an Egg-shape Speaker “D’ Egg TGA-1B1/b”, by BifrosTec. Inc.

Dielectric Actuator : Lightweight and silent actuator

Dielectric Actuator is an actuator comprising an elastic dielectric material sandwiched between two electrodes . When applying voltage, the elastic material deforms, which acts as the driving force of the actuator. Dielectric material containing SeRM shows low elastic modulus, low hysteresis loss , and less temperature dependence of other properties . A collaboration with Toyoda Gosei Co. Ltd. under NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization ) project to produce such actuators is in progress.